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    SAP S/4-HANA
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SAP Simple Finance Training in Bangalore

SAP S/4HANA Simple-Finance is a financial application of the SAP (ERP) S/4HANA ERP platform. It connects and consists of a set of interconnected financial management functions that provide live and real-time data from the (ERP) enterprise resource planning applications. SAP Finance S/4HANA is part of S/4HANA Simple finance and it has been built on the SAP-HANA in-memory DB Database. S/4HANA integrates and accommodates cross-organizational functions into one system that combines transactional processes and analytics for live and real-time application. Backend front-end, SAP S/4HANA Finance uses SAP Fiori.

Cranesoft Solutions provides the best SAP Simple finance-S4HANA or sap simple finance training in Bangalore. SAP HANA stands for high performance analytic appliance. It is an application uses in memory database technology that allows processing of massive amount of real time data in a very short time period.

SAP Simple Finance (S/4HANA) Course Contents:

Unit 1- Introduction to SAP S/4HANA Vision of SAP HANA

  • Remove Complexity with SAP-S/4-HANA
  • Key Aspects of SAP S/4-HANA
  • SAP S/4 HANA Deployment options

Unit 2- Finance Transaction Migration to SAP-S/4 HANA

  • Preparation of entries
  • Pre-check programs and integration
  • Customer-Vendor programs and Integration
  • Installation of SAP-S/4 HANA
  • Customizing and configuration
  • Data Migration(General ledger/AP/AR/CO/FI-AA/ML/CM)
  • Migration of House-Banks
  • Reconciliation and checks after migration
  • Post-processing

Unit 3- Financial accounting (FICO) in SAP S/4 HANA

  • Overview of Financial transaction for SAP S/4 HANA
  • Architecture of Accountings
  • Purpose and functions of SAP Fiori

Unit 4- General-Ledger Accounting principles

  • Managing NEW general ledger Accounts
  • Business Partner
  • Concept of Universal Journal
  • Currencies
  • Cost Elements accounting
  • Authorizations and Posting period locks(finance and costing)
  • Document Splitting
  • Parallel Accounting

Unit 5- Asset Accounting

  • Architecture of Assets Accounting
  • Technical changes to tables and columns
  • Posting logic in Asset Accounting
  • Depreciation and appreciation posting
  • Image Configuring NEW asset accounting

Unit 6- Reporting and architecture

  • Analytics architecture of Simple finance S/4 HANA
  • Data Consumption tools

Unit 7- Other Topics

  • Central Finance
  • Cash Management
  • Certification guidance

Unit 8- Management Accounting and finance in SAP Simple S/4 HANA

  • Architecture of Management accounting and finance
  • Controlling – Technical Changes
  • Customize the controlling integration
  • Material Ledger
  • Period lock concept
  • Cost Centers
  • Cost Elements

Unit 9- Audience including accountants

  • Finance Application consultant
  • Support consultant
  • Project manager

Unit 10- Prerequisites

  • Candidates with Finance and Accounting background.

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