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SAP HANA Training in Bangalore

Deployable on premise or in the cloud, SAP HANA is the in-memory computing platform that enables you to accelerate business processes, deliver more intelligence, and simplify your IT environment. By providing the foundation for all your data needs, SAP HANA removes the burden of maintaining separate legacy systems and siloed data, so you can run live and make better business decisions in the new digital economy.


SAP HANA is a full in-memory and parallel ACID compliant database, that takes advantage of large main memories and massive parallel processing on multi-core CPU’s. It is used to handle almost all the diverse workloads such as OLAP and OLTP , structured and unstructured or simple and complex data in a single instance.


HANA is a realization of Hasso Plattner’s idea of a single in-memory columnar database for OLTP AND OLAP workloads. Hasso believed that if a database could be built with a zero response time, that business applications would be written fundamentally differently – and IT landscapes could be simplified.

What makes SAP HANA fundamentally different?

• All the operations are carried on demand , in the memory.This makes it possible to run OLTP and analytics applications in a single instance. .
• Apart from this, HANA also has certain mechanisms like delta storage and row-level insert and update performance. .
• Also, SAP HANA has added bunch of functionalities like data virtualization, search, text analysis, geospatial etc.
• HANA leverages the modern hardware technology . It uses large main memories and massive parallel processing on multi-core CPU’s . Due to this, the access speed increases and response time decreases.
• It stores all data in-memory and in a columnar format (via encoding). Though, it is both row and column stored. Due to columnar structure many of the transactions like aggregations become quite fast. And,this can reduce the database footprint by 95%..

SAP HANA Services?

Application Services – 2-tier and 3-tier.
Processing Services – Text, Spatial, Graph.
Integration Services – Multiple data consumption options with built-in ETL.
Database Services – OLTP and OLAP.

Where is SAP HANA used?

• Optimizing business operations.
• Big Data.
• Real-time operational intelligence.
• Decision Support, Simulation and Automation..
• Operational Reports , Dashboards and analytics.
• Data Warehouse and Data mart.

The SAP HANA Modeling

In this role you will need SAP HANA modeling skills. SAP BW on HANA skills will also come in handy for you. The SAP HANA Modeler learning roadmap also has an associate and professional certification that will boost your career.

The SAP HANA Application Development

In this module candidate will require the skill of SAP HANA development. Based on the software types HANA XS or ABAP on HANA knowledge will also be helpful.

The SAP HANA Database Administration and Security

In this module candidate will be responsible for backup/recovery, performance, security and general administration on the SAP HANA database.

Unit 1- Introduction

  • Overview Of SAP HANA
  • Components
  • Hardware Vendors

Unit 2- Architecture

  • Appliance Architecture Overview
  • Database Engine View
  • Dat-Loading View
  • Dat- Modeling View
  • Reporting View
  • Administration View
  • Persistence Layer

Unit 3- SAP HANA Setup

  • System Landscaping
  • Sizing Guidelines

Unit 4- Data Provisioning

  • Via Data services
  • Via Sybase replicator
  • SLT Repllication Transformation
  • DXC

Unit 5- SAP HANA Studio Introduction

  • Administration Console
  • Information Modeler
  • Life Cycle Management

Unit 6- SAP HANA Modeling

  • Attribute View
  • Analytic View
  • Calculation View
  • Export & Import
  • Other functions

Unit 7- Reporting

  • Client Connectivity options
  • SAP BO BI 4.0
  • MS-Excel
  • SAP BO Analysis
  • SAP BO Explorer
  • Semantic Layer (Universe)
  • SAP Crystal Reports (Enterprise,Dashboards & WebI)

Unit 8- User Management & Backup

  • Managing Users & Roles
  • BI/BO 4.0 Integration & SSO
  • Security & Authorization
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Diaster Tolerance Hardware

Unit 9- Other Topics

  • SAP BW on HANA
  • Role of Solution Manager in SAP HANA
  • COPA Business case
  • Rapid Deployment Solution
  • IMDB Client Installation overview
  • Appliance Enterprise Server
  • Scale Up/Out Configuration
  • Distributed system Landscape & handling
  • Port numbers-Distributed transaction handling
  • MVCC

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