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SAP BASIS Training

SAP BASIS Training in Bangalore

SAP BASIS is a set of middle-ware programs and tools from SAP, the German company whose comprehensive R/3 product is used to help manage large corporations. SAP provides the underlying base (thus the name) that enables applications (such as FI, CO, and SD, for example) to be inter-operable and portable across operating systems and database products. cranesoft provide the BEST SAP TRAINING IN BANGALORE.
SAP Basis is a niche IT skill. It is very demanding module in IT companies. Many times it is been asked how to become a good Basis Consultant. There are thousand of training institutes for sap which are providing BASIS training, but some of them doesn’t have good infrastructure available with them to give real time training on projects. Basis consultant demand is always very high and there are less number of good experience Basis consultants available in IT market. This make SAP Basis high salary package job .
fresher can also learn SAP BASIS module, many IT companies are there which recruit people from Campus provide them In-house training in SAP BASIS.
It is very necessary for Basis Consultant to have experience on live servers. There are good Institutes are available in India and we are one of them. This institutes are having good infrastructure to provide sap basis training on live projects and cranesoft provide Best SAP Course in Bangalore.

Introduction to SAP R/3 Basis

  • Introduction to SAP R/3 Client / Server Technology and SAP R/3 Architecture
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Basis Consultants
  • Database Layer, Application Layer and Presentation Layer
  • Available SAP R/3 Platforms

Architecture of SAP SERVER

  • SAP R/3 Application Server Architecture
  • SAP R/3 Work Process - Overview
  • Managing SAP R/3 Work Processes

Client Administration

  • Introduction to Client
  • Creating Client
  • Client Copy ( Local, Remote, Export and Import )

User Administration

  • Creating User
  • Creating Roles
  • Authorizations Profiles
  • Locking and Unlocking a User
  • Introduction to profile Generator
  • Profile Management
  • Limiting Logon Attempts
  • Setting Password Controls

SAP Spool Administration

  • Configurating Printers
  • Deleting/Locking Printers
  • Spool Administration

System Profile & Operation Modes

  • Default profile
  • Startup profile
  • Instance profile

Monitoring SAP System- CCMS

  • OS Monitoring
  • DB Monitoring
  • Alerts
  • SAP R/3 Buffers
  • SAP R/3 Memory Management
  • Dump Analysis
  • Sys Log

System Landscape

  • Single System Landscape
  • Two System Landscape
  • There System Landscape

Transport Management System ( TMS )

  • Configuration of Transport Management System
  • TMS Domain & Domain Controller
  • Transport Groups
  • Transport Layer
  • Transport Route
  • Transport Directory

Change and Transport System

  • Customizing
  • Remote Function Call - RFCs
  • ABAP/4 Workbench
  • Change Request

Updating Support Packages

  • Overview of Support Packages
  • Introduction to Applying SAP Patches
  • Introduction to Applying Kernel Patches

Database Analysis & Administration

  • Oracle DB Startup/Shutdown
  • Table space Administration
  • Reorganization of an Oracle Database
  • Restore and Recovery of an Oracle Database

  • SAP Installation & Post installation activity

    • Installing SAP R/3 on Windows Server 2003
    • Installing Application Server
    • Starting and Stopping R/3 System

    SAP Netweaver

    • Netweaver Architecture
    • Introduction about NetWeaver
    • Configuration of WEBGUI

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