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ABAP is the only technical Module of SAP and it is being called as "Advanced Business Application Programming". This is the only technical module of SAP and it is programming language of SAP. SAP ABAP is a very nice language and it is easy to learn and understand. We cranesoft provides the best SAP ABAP training with live project at our center in Bangalore. ABAP/4 allows SAP programmer more leniency how they want to code the programs. ABAP/4 is the programming language used for the thousand tiny embedded-programs called transactions that make up the applications. SAP ABAP consultants are in great demand and every company is hiring. We at cranesoft has internal requirement too for SAP ABAP Consultants. Most of the ABAP consultants will work on support projects post implementation

ABAP Details/Contents

  • Logon to SAP
  • Transaction Codes (/n and /o)
  • Data Elements
  • Domains
  • Tables (Transparent, Pool and Cluster)
  • TMG
  • PK-FK Relationship
  • Index
  • Structures
  • Type Casting
  • Type Groups
  • Table Types
  • Views
  • Search Helps
  • Lock Objects

Simple Reports

  • DATA Statement
  • TABLE Statement
  • Internal Tables
  • SELECT Query Commands(1st Type out of the 5 different types)
  • Demo
  • System Variables
  • Events(Simple Reports)
  • SELECT Query Commands(2nd Type out of the 5 different types)
  • Explicit Work Areas
  • Field-Symbols
  • Messages
  • SELECT SINGLE Statement
  • SELECT UP TO n ROWS Statement
  • Selection Screen and its Related Events
  • Important Commands in ABAP(Clear
  • Refresh
  • Delete
  • Free
  • Exit
  • Continue
  • Stop
  • Describe
  • CTS Configuration and Package
  • Subroutines Concepts
  • Control Break Statements and Include Programs

Interactive Reports

  • Hide * Secondary Window Creation
  • Ok-Codes * Get Cursor Command
  • Interactive Top Of Page
  • AT USER-COMMAND Event and GUI Status Creation

Function Modules

  • Function Groups
  • Parameter Passing Mechanisms
  • Different Parameters in FM
  • Exception Handling
  • Sample Function Modules


  • Type Pools
  • Steps
  • Field Catalogs
  • Layouts
  • FM used for Display Report
  • Event Handling for Top of Page
  • Logo Upload and Event Handling revisited

Batch Data Communication

  • Utilities
  • Recording
  • Call Transaction
  • GUI UPLOAD/GUI DOWNLOAD Function Modules
  • Call Transaction and Session
  • Legacy System Migration Workbench
  • Steps and Concepts

SAP Script

  • Layout Design
  • Standard Text
  • Driver Programs
  • Sap scripts Control Commands and example of SAP standard layouts


  • Nodes
  • Layout Designs
  • Driver Programs and Smart Styles

Module Pool Programs

  • Screens
  • Events
  • Flow Logic and Creation of small applications


  • Concepts of ALE/EDI
  • Concepts of Idocs
  • Message Types
  • Idoc Types
  • Standard Configuration of ALE and Idoc Programming

Performance Tuning

  • Types of Program Analysis
  • Static Checks
  • Dynamic Checks and Short Dump Analysis
  • ABAP Debugger
  • Breakpoints in Programs
  • Breakpoints in the Debugger
  • Performance Tools
  • Runtime Analysis
  • SQL Trace

Best SAP ABAP Training in Bangalore