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SAP ABAP-HR , SAP ABAP HR Component is to be able to process employee related data according to business requirements in an effective structure. The Human Resources module uses a system of data grouped together called infotypes.

Introduction to SAP and different modules of SAP

  • Difference between ABAP and HR ABAP programming
  • Structures of SAP HR
  • Personnel Administration
  • Infotypes
  • Custom infotype creation
  • Programming
  • Infotype processing
  • Join and Projection
  • Repetitive structures

Introduction to R/3 Architecture and ABAP

  • Logical Database
  • Different modules in SAP HR
  • Organization Management
  • Overview
  • Creation of reporting structure
  • Infotypes
  • OM programming using LDB
  • OM programming using function modules


  • Overview
  • Introduction to different payrolls
  • Programming in payroll
  • Different macros used in payroll
  • Different function modules used in payroll
  • Retro concept

Function Modules

  • Function Groups
  • Parameter Passing Mechanisms
  • Different Parameters in FM
  • Exception Handling
  • Sample Function Modules

Time management

  • Overview
  • Different infotypes used in TMe type
  • Programming in Time management
  • Integration of Time with Payroll
  • Time management system (CATS)


  • Overview
  • Different infotypes used in benefits
  • Programming


  • Important tables and standard reports in posting
  • Small reports in posting


  • Nodes
  • Layout Designs
  • Driver Programs and Smart Styles

Module Pool Programs

  • Screens
  • Events
  • Flow Logic and Creation of small applications

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